About Us

About Us

teenCaring for Kids immediately provides essential resources to meet the urgent needs of abused, neglected or at-risk children in St. Louis County...because kids' urgent needs can't wait!

While serving as Administrative Judge of the St. Louis County Family Court, Susan Block witnessed many children in her courtroom with basic, urgent needs that went unmet by the various existing legal and child welfare organizations simply because the resources were not available or too cumbersome to obtain. These children, some with backgrounds of abuse or neglect, come from families experiencing significant financial or emotional difficulties. Their needs range from very basic, such as bus passes or school supplies, to more substantial – eyeglasses or tutoring. Judge Block and other child advocates were frustrated with the roadblocks and inadequacies and believed something had to be done to remedy the situation. Seeking out community leaders, she shared her vision of establishing an organization that would bring positive and immediate assistance to these children. As a result Caring For Kids (CFK) was established in August 2003.

The procedure for referral is simple and streamlined. When Court personnel identify a child’s need for essential or emergency resources, they notify the Family Court liaison. The Court liaison will forward the request to the CFK office for review and processing by the CFK volunteers. Caring For Kids makes all efforts to meet needs within 72 hours.

Please note: we only accept requests from court personnel and Children's Division.

Washington University’s Olin School of Business provided a strategic business plan through its Taylor Community Consulting Project, sponsored by Enterprise Rent-A-Car. As a result, community volunteers comprise the Board of Directors and staff the various committees need to fund, operate and promote Caring For Kids. Events are held throughout the year to raise necessary funds to provide services; corporate and foundation grant funding is also sought

By providing these resources, Caring For Kids brings essential assistance to children whose needs often go unmet. But the simple act of helping goes farther; it provides the kids with a beacon of hope and plants the seed that someone cares. The systems serving these children – legal and child welfare – have an organization they can rely on when faced with a child’s desperate need. All who are involved in this service, the volunteers, the service providers, the funders, can be assured that when the kids have a chance, everyone benefits!