Case Studies

Case Studies

Caring For Kids provides a range of intervention for children in the Family Court system. Below are a few compelling examples:

Example 1
A caseworker referred to us a 14 year-old-girl who was going to play on her school’s soccer team for the summer. Her mother was unfortunately dying of cancer and AIDS, was unable to work and could provide no money for the program. Our youngster needed some way to connect with school friends before beginning high school in the fall and soccer seemed to be a good possibility. Since money was a real issue in the family, we were asked for the funds for her uniform. Our Program Director felt this was an excellent request. Giving this child a way to make friends and perhaps some time out of the home might be very healthy for her. We funded her the amount she needed for the shirt, shorts, knee pads and cleats.

Example 2
Two sisters - one 15, the other 16 - came into care due to protective custody and were referred to Caring for Kids. They were starting new schools and had very little clothing and shoes. Both needed to feel good about themselves and both needed that boost in confidence that every teenage girl needs. Our Program Director feels strongly that teenagers, whenever possible, should be allowed to select their own clothes. We provided gift cards to Target for each of the girls. The caseworker took them on a shopping trip and reported that the girls had a wonderful time picking out things they liked.

Example 3
An 18-year-old young woman was referred to us by her caseworker. The client was living in a transitional group home and actively looking for work while finishing her last year in high school. To do so, she was in desperate need of a bus/metro link pass. Getting around St. Louis county without transportation with a very limited income is very difficult, but our client was determined to complete her goals and enroll in community college. We funded her a monthly bus/metro link pass to help her stay in school and follow her dreams.

Example 4
Recently, a caseworker brought to our attention a 5-year-old little girl who was receiving early childhood services through the Special School District. She was very behind where she should have been due to both abuse and neglect - she’s now living in foster care. The worker told us of a program at Saint Louis University called Program R for 4 year olds through kindergarteners for reading readiness. They teach phonics, independent reading readiness and comprehension. Most children leave the program with reading skills allowing them to thrive in kindergarten or first grade. Our Program Director, a former high school English teacher and a current reading teacher, spoke to the director of the program to ensure that this was the right place for our child. It cost a bit more than we usually spend per client. Convinced that our little girl would do well here, that she would be able to function at an appropriate level in school and feel good about herself, our Program Director asked the Board of Directors to agree to fund this request. Everyone was thrilled to do so. We recently received a hand drawn thank you note from our client. We can’t wait to hear how well she does in her class at the end of the summer.

Example 5
Several weeks ago Caring for Kids received a case involving four little kids. Mom died at the age of 26 from sickle cell disease, and no dad was around to help with these children. The kids were placed with two aunts: the 3 and 4-year old with one aunt, and the 6 and 7-year old with another. None of the children had beds to sleep on. With the funds from Caring for Kids, we provided beds and bedding for all four of the children. Getting a good night’s sleep translates into better behavior, better schoolwork and better health -that’s so important for all of our kids. We often take for granted that children have warm, safe places to lay their heads at night. One of our priorities is to make sure as many kids as possible do.