How It Works

Caring For Kids, Inc. helps foster families caring for children with urgent needs.  The children have usually been placed with a foster family due to abuse, neglect or an at-risk situation.  In some cases, foster families are not fully equipped to provide the most supportive environment for these kids.  That’s where Caring For Kids, Inc. steps in.  Our non-profit provides resources to foster families quick – in fact, most needs are met within 72 hours.

Caring For Kids, Inc. works directly with Family Courts in St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis.

Our process consists of three steps which are outlined below:


contact us


Request review

  • Acknowledgement of Request Sent
  • Begin Processing Request
  • Request Reviewed 


Request Approved/Denied

  • Approved Requests Usually Provided Within 72 Hours
  • Denied Requests Are Notified