Post Dispatch Article

Post Dispatch Article

Below is an article about Caring For Kids in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on December 12, 2016:

As Executive Director of Caring for Kids, a nonprofit in St. Louis County serving children connected with the St. Louis County Family Court System. I was most interested with the title of the editorial "Where's my Bed?" (Nov. 23) The conclusion that " selfless generosity knows no political boundary" is a lesson well-taught today and every day.

Perhaps more important in the editorial might be the lesson that a bed is a gift of necessity both given and received for every child every day. Caring for Kids receives requests for beds and cribs for youngsters daily. These are children who have no safe places to sleep in their homes. If they are co-sleeping with an adult, the danger of being suffocated is very, very real. The dangers of drug, alcohol and sexual abuse are real as well.

Taking the child out of that situation takes him or her away from those dangers and brings him or her to safety and comfort. Many of our kids are sleeping on the hard, cold floors of their homes and apartments. They might be co-sleeping with siblings--increasing the chances of early sexual exploration.

Our children have never had bedding either--no pillows, no sheets and no warm blankets. We make that happen for these kids--their own sets of bedding for their own beds. Just this month, Caring for Kids held its one fundraiser for the year. We do not ask about politics; we do not ask about religion; we do care that our attendees care about kids. Our goal was to raise $20,000 so that we could purchase beds and cribs for 100 children in St. Louis County. Because our community is so generous, we surpassed our goal.

This will be a wonderful holiday season for many children because, regardless of politics, St. Louis is made up of really good people.

Jan Abrams
Executive Director, Caring for Kids